Garden Images    
Welcome to our new Garden Image Section. We have recently re-organized our image archives to document the Garden's
development over the more than 15 years the Friends of Maplelawn Garden has overseen its restoration and maintenance.
Year(s) Viewpoint Title (click to view page) Image
1997 Single year, from early spring to late fall. Garden-wide imagery. Through The Seasons The rough the Seasons
Photo: Wayne Rutherford
2001 The Garden is divided into 12 Sections for volunteer purposes. The 2001 image selection focuses on the peak season in each individual Section. The Garden by Section The Garden By Section
Photo: Paul Richer
2005 - 2009 The garden is featured month by month, including through the winter. The Garden By Month Garden Over the Year
Photo: Eileen Hunt
1993 - 2008 An overview of the first 15 years of Friends of Maplelawn activity in the Garden. 15th Anniversary Retrospective Fifteenth Anniversary
Photo: Nancy E. M. Smith