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In the 19th century, there were many fine houses in Ontario - but few of them were graced by walled gardens, and even fewer have survived. The walled garden at Maplelawn in Canada's capital, is not only a rare example, but it is also exceptionally well preserved.

In 1989, Maplelawn was designated a national historic site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada because of : "...the quality of the house, but more particularly because its gardens are the best preserved of the few known surviving examples of early 19th century walled gardens in Canada..." As an ensemble, the house and remaining walled garden provide a clear record of the way European architectural and landscape ideas were transplanted to Canada.

In 1993, the garden was receiving only basic maintenance until a volunteer group, known as Friends of Maplelawn Garden, was formed. These volunteers entered into an agreement with the National Capital Commission (NCC) to study, preserve and rehabilitate the walled garden, making use of the large variety of perennials, such as the old peonies for which the garden was once famous, still thriving within its walls.


We are actively seeking new Volunteers this year, both experienced and novice gardeners, as well as those with organizational skills. For more information on our Volunteer Program, click here.

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